Pioneering engineering developments by Land Rover and Virgin GalacticThe partnership of Land Rover and Virgin Galactic have made progress in the world of testing and the development of new vehicles both on land and in space. Since the announcement of the partnership in April of this year both Land Rover and Virgin Galactic have strived to share their ideas and principles for prototype testing and development using new technologies to produce an innovative vehicle for both partners.

The final testing phase of the new Discovery Sport is now happening at Land Rover and the testing of engineering and flight are being undertaken by Virgin Galactic ahead of its commercial spaceflight programmes. Both Land Rover and Virgin Galactic feel the benefits of the pool of expertise.

Murray Dietsch, Programme Director, Land Rover, said: “There is a common philosophy towards engineering between Land Rover and our partners Virgin Galactic. We start with an idea and build from there, spending years refining a design and completing virtual testing before the first prototypes see the tarmac. As our partnership with Virgin Galactic develops, it will be fascinating to get closer to their team and explore common areas of engineering and expertise.

“Discovery Sport prototypes have covered approximately 750,000 miles during the testing phase, in some of the world’s harshest and most challenging terrains and climates. A total of 181 prototype vehicles were built, completing over 11,000 tests over their lifetimes around the globe, ensuring total confidence in the robustness of build and design of the vehicles.”

George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin Galactic said “As we look to launching the world’s first spaceline, Virgin Galactic continues to push boundaries and develop pioneering new innovations that bring to life our vision ….. In engineering and design, like Land Rover, our focus is on precision, ingenuity, and unparalleled design.”

Here at Sidesteps we would like to congratulate both Land Rover and Virgin Galactic on their engineering efforts.

With thanks to Jaguar Land Rover Newsroom for the use of the photograph

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